Monday, June 20, 2011

Seven Interview Questions That Kill Careers

Here are some common interview questions that could be asked in a wide variety of fields. Some are open ended enough that people commonly trip themselves up or say the wrong thing. This article guides the types of answers you should give.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

You Can Do Everything Right and Still Not Get the Job

The title sounds discouraging but this article is intended to be encouraging. Interviewers are only human, and are therefore subjective. Do your very best to prepare for your interview, give it your all, and then let whatever happens, happen. This way you can't beat yourself up after the fact, saying things would have been different if only I had done [fill in the blank].

Tips for Video Job Interviews

Companies are doing more video interviewing as a time/cost-saving measure and it actually is a different animal than an in-person interview. There's the old advice of wear your full suit (vs. just the top part of your suit over pajama pants, incase they ask you to stand up). Here's what else you should know.

Power vs. Influence: Interview with Bing Gordon of Kleiner Perkins

Here's a great interview with the former chief creative officer at Electronic Arts, now a VC, on leadership and why he prefers influence over power. I found it interesting on its own merits, and it's also related to job hunting in that if you're good at influencing people, you will stand out and convince anyone to hire you.